How to add Chinese Input Method in PCLinuxOS 2010.2

  1. Install fcitx, fonts-ttf-chinese from Synaptic.
  2. Add following lines to your /etc/sysconfig/i18n.


  3. Reboot and you will have the Fcitx input method. Open any apps and press the Ctrl-Space combination key to input Chinese characters and Ctrl-Space again to switch it back.


My hard disk crashed three days ago. Bought a new one and now PCLinuxOS is in it. I wouldn’t say that this is the perfect distro to use. But this is definitely worth looking at. With many hardware supported out of the box, this is the second best distro to look at for hardware support after Ubuntu. Even though the graphics is not as pleasing as Linux Mint, but it does have several active designers working to improve on that.

The fact that I really like about PCLinuxOS is its small community with great connection between one another. I can always reach to its developers easily. I know who is working on the distro that you are using. This is a great advantages for me to learn about Linux and grow to love it. I learned about packaging even though I seldom practice it.

I will stay with PCLinuxOS if there isn’t any tasks that couldn’t be completed with Linux. This is even true for a college student like me which is requested by the syllabus to use softwares that are only available in Microsoft Windows. But I guess I will do that with a VM inside my PCLinuxOS onward. That’s all for now.

To try PCLinuxOS, go here to download the image and run the LiveCD.

Release early, release often

Hooray, finally I am able to pass up my ITPQM assignment yesterday night. But I have taken a risky way by doing it last minute. I am just so used to this. I am thinking of changing but it is so hard.

I came across ‘Release early, release often’ a few weeks ago. It was in a book called ‘Getting Real‘ by 37signals. This is actually a practice popularized by Eric S. Raymond. I am thinking is this possible to apply it when I am doing my works. I am too scared for letting other to see my ‘imperfect’ work and I guess that is the obstacle that stopped me from doing so. And that is the biggest enemy in me.

One step at a time

Thing maybe (often) too big if we try to tackle it at once. But thing can be easier if we break it down into manageable pieces. You are not who you are now by transforming overnight but it is a result of the habits that you have cultivated over years. So in order to be who we want to be in the next 5 years, we just have to think of who we want to be the next month and move toward that direction. I am still thinking of that now too.

Everything Starts Small

Almost everything that is big actually starts small. Maybe I am not a really good blogger. I have always tried to keep my own blog as a record of what I have done. But I always fall in the middle way. But it is never too late to start again. I wouldn’t talk as much as I do before which make blogging a burden more than a fun. So, start small.